# Board Preparation

Before you start using the CircuitPython_Kernel, you’ll need a board running CircuitPython. If you’re not sure if the board plugged into your computer is running CircuitPython, check your file explorer for a drive named CIRCUITPY

## Designed for CircuitPython (SAMD21, SAMD51 and RP2040, NXP iMXRT1062)

### Boards Supported:

### Installing CircuitPython Firmware

  • Download the [CircuitPython Firmware (.uf2 file) from the CircuitPython Repo](https://github.com/adafruit/circuitpython/releases)

  • Plug in board and double click the reset button to enter bootloader mode.

  • Drag and drop the *.uf2 CircuitPython file to the USB drive.

  • If you see the CIRCUITPY as the new name of the USB drive, you’re ready to go.

## Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP8266

While they do work with CircuitPython_Kernel, ESP8266-based boards require a different type of installation and configuration from the boards designed for circuitpython.

### Installing CircuitPython Firmware

### Access the REPL

Use screen program:

screen <device> 115200

## PJRC Teensy 4.1

The Teensy line of microcontrollers have a different installation to the standard circuitpython installation, requiring a program called Teensy Loader and a hex file.

### Installing CircuitPython Firmware

  • Download the Teensy Loader Application: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/loader.html

  • Install the loader following the guide for your specific operating system.

  • Download the [CircuitPython Firmware (.hex file) from the CircuitPython Website](https://circuitpython.org/board/teensy41/)

  • Once the Teensy Loader is downloaded, press the onboard push button on the Teensy, this places the teensy in the halfkay bootlader mode.

  • Open the Teensy Loader Application and select the left most button and upload the downloaded .hex file.

  • Unplug and plug the Teensy back in and you are ready to go.

## ampy

  • Install ampy python3 -m pip install adafruit-ampy

  • To get options for listing files and moving files: ampy –help