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The CircuitPython Kernel is a Jupyter Kernel designed to interact with Adafruit boards running CircuitPython from within a Jupyter Notebook.


This project’s status is experimental. It has been tested with CircuitPython 3.x in (SAMD) boards and Feather HUZZAH (ESP8266). With CircuitPython 6.x in Raspberry Pi Pico

It may break, and if it does, please file an issue on this repository.


Official .zip files are available through the latest GitHub releases.



pip3 install --upgrade pip
pip3 install jupyter


pip3 install jupyterlab

CircuitPython kernel:

cd circuitpython_kernel/
python3 install; python3 -m circuitpython_kernel.install

Then run with one of:

jupyter notebook
jupyter lab

and choose the CircuitPython kernel.


This kernel is fully documented on the Adafruit Learning System Guide: CircuitPython with Jupyter Notebooks.

A line containing exactly the word:


will reset the board and release all resources.

There’s also documentation for this kernel listed on ReadTheDocs.